Our Annual General Meeting is scheduled for March 24th, 2021 at 7:00 pm. You can attend via Zoom. Please RSVP. We’d love to have you.

Executives and Directors


Craig Stewart

Craig was thrown into a pool by his father when he was 2 and–reportedly–did not enjoy the experience. This resulted in his avoiding water (other than falling bits of it or glasses of it) for many years. More recently, though, the ocean has called, via VOWSA and a need to prepare for a triathlon a few years ago. And how wonderful it is to be invited to slip into the ocean and spend time there and feel calmed and enlivened by it. VOWSA can make this easier for people.

Vice President

Christine Burns

Christine has always loved being in the water.  Christine started open water swim training in 2017 and has been volunteering with VOWSA since 2018. When she isn’t swimming, biking or running around this beautiful city she can be found baking goodies for family and friends.  Christine really enjoys being a part of the VOWSA community and she is very excited to take on the role of VP this year!

Treasurer Race Director - Canada Day

Ron Johnston

Ron is a recreational swimmer and has been an active member of VOWSA since 2015. He joined VOWSA to become comfortable in open water swimming in order to do an Olympic Triathlon. Away from his work in securities regulation, Ron also likes cycling, skiing and working on his weight routine at the YWCA. Ron participates annually in the Sun Run.

Practice Swim Coordinator

Eden Katz

Eden began volunteering with VOWSA in 2016 and loved it so much that she came back to work as our Practice Swim Coordinator. Eden enjoys spending Monday and Thursday nights down at the beach helping swimmers sign in and out but has yet to get in the water herself. With a little push she might join us for a swim this summer! Eden can’t wait for each season to begin. She is looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and meeting all of the new swimmers that will be joining us this summer!

Website Coordinator Media

Theresa Putkey

The first open water swim Theresa did, her coach asked her, “Are you having fun?” and she answered, “No. I don’t like it.” She stuck with the class and after the fifth swim fell in love. Now she takes her wetsuit or bathing suit where ever she travels. Any lake or ocean is an opportunity to swim! Theresa taught her anxiety-ridden dog to swim. He only goes in the water if she’s in the water, and he probably views it more as a rescue mission. Theresa has had a lot of fun as a VOWSA member and hopes to give back and support the community as a volunteer.

Volunteer Coordinator

Gareth Williams

Past President Media Coordinator, Organizational Representative

Andrea McCallum

Andrea has been involved with VOWSA since 2014. In 2021, Andrea expands her volunteering role by adding the Organizational Representative role to her list and continuing on as Past President and Media Coordinator. Her previous roles as Secretary, Race Registrar, poster maker, and President give her a range of skills to manage new challenges. Andrea’s love of the water and swimming still surprises and thrills her. This positive constant in her life has created some wonderful lifelong friends and many new ones. Pretty amazing ‘eh?! Pool, lake, ocean or hot tub it’s all good. VOWSA aims to create an impressive blend of swimming, socials and swim events. What could be better than great people who love to swim! Planning adventures and holidays around awesome places to swim is STILL her obsession and looks forward to being able to do that as soon as it is safe to do so.