Looking for a new wetsuit or interested in renting a wetsuit?  West Point Multisport is Vancouver’s premier triathlon store with a vast  selection of swim equipment and triathlon products as well as knowledgeable swimmers and triathletes on staff to help you find the best products to suit your needs.

Available Brands

At West Point Multisport you can purchase Huub or TYR wetsuits or rent a Huub wetsuit if you’re not yet ready to commit to purchasing one or want to see what swimming in a wetsuit is all about.


Huub is focused on maximizing performance and comfort in all of their wetsuits.  In their suits you’ll find breakaway zippers, calf release panels, and  neoprene with a combination of flexibility, thickness and stretch unmatched in the industry.  They make wetsuits specific to men and to women as each gender has different requirements and needs for their wetsuit to fulfill.


In the TYR wetsuits you’ll find suits with flexible neoprene around the shoulders to meet the needs of the wearer as well as core stabilization zones to help ensure you’re in the most optimal position while swimming.

Other Available Products & Brands

At West Point Multisport you will also find a wide selection of goggles, swim suits and other swimming equipment.  They stock triathlon and cycling apparel from Zoot, Assos and Sugoi, and you’ll also find products from Compressport, Trek, Bontrager, Zoggs, Gu, Hammer Nutrition, Clif Bar, Carbo-Pro, and Honey Stinger.


If you’re looking for something specific, or if you’re interested in renting a Huub wetsuit, get in touch with them at 604-569-1102 or send them an email at sales@westpointmultisport.com.  You can also find them on the web at www.westpointmultisport.com.