Sea Hiker Coaching


Sea Hiker is dedicated to helping you swim with confidence so you can swim better than ever.

Sea Hiker swim coaches break down complex skills into simple steps so that you can practice knowing you’re on the right track and see results quickly.

Courses are open to new swimmers, triathletes and water enthusiasts of all levels, from beginners to marathon swimmers. For new triathletes and open water swimmers, check out Sea Hiker’s popular 6-week Open Water Confidence course, starting in mid-May and again in mid-July. There are also courses for more experienced swimmers and triathletes focused on developing Racing Skills and Strategy as well as building Endurance for longer distance events.

For over 10 years, Sea Hiker has helped swimmers of all abilities swim with ease and achieve their goals, both in the pool and open water.

Start swimming with confidence. Join us in the water today!